The hackathon will be of 12 hours.The participants will be asked to develop an app based on the their own idea (Web, Android , iOS, Windows Or Hybrid) using the list of our API's provided to them. The API's that participants can use are :

Compulsory API's

1. Exotel Call / SMS API.

2. Social Login API'S.

Category A:

1.SoundCloud API.

2.Google Calendar API.

3.Notification API.

4.Text to Speech API.

Category B:

1.Blogger API.

2.Google Maps API.

3.Speech to Text Conversion API.

4.Tone Analyzer API.  

Participating in our Hackathon will give students an opportunity to develop their idea's in a short period. Moreover it will give students some idea about how to use API's efficiently ,effectively and the most innovative manner. 

Previous hacks built using Exotel's APIs can be viewed on

For support with Exotel's APIs during the hackathon, you can ask questions on the #help channel by joining the Slack team - or send an email to with the prefix [Techspardha16] in the subject line.


The Hackathon is open for all with knowledge of any domain.


1. Participants must submit their works by uploading their works on Github as well as submitting it on Devpost. Only the entries that have been submitted on Devpost will be considered for judging.

2. Devpost submissions must be properly tagged indicating the technologies used (Ex: exotel, php, python, etc)

Hackathon Sponsors


GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera will be awarded as the prize for the team that makes the best use of Exotel's APIs ( provided there are at least 5 competing projects which makes use of Exotel's APIs )

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

1. Participants can register on our google form to enter the hackathon.The registration is free of cost. The link for registration is

2. Participants must register for the hackathon on Devpost as well.

3. Exotel accounts has to be created in order to use Exotel APIs. This can be done by registering on

4. Documentation of Exotel's APIs (Unofficial) is available on Link to the official docs is also provided within the unofficial docs.


MV Karan

MV Karan
Developer Evangelist / Exotel

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
  • Uniqueness / Innovation / Awesomeness
  • APIs Used
  • Execution

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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